Skate Soccer


Sport Creation,  Product Design,  Prototyping


Skate Soccer



Skate Soccer is a new extreme sport based on the popular para-sport "Rollaball" from Africa. The sport consists of 2 teams of 5 players, competing in a form of soccer using their hands and highly maneuverable Skates. The goalies, one player per side, protects a miniature soccer net. As an inclusive sport anyone with upper body control can fully participate in this this fast paced, competitive game.




This is not a para-sport, but a fully inclusive sport where anyone with upper body control, however limited, can play.  Paraplegics, lower body amputees, and sufferers of cerebral palsy can go head to head against those with full body control.

The Skate, the product used for movement, breaks the sport away from the greatest issue in para-sports which is the segregation of the physically disabled from those who are not. This segregation is caused and enhanced by a dismal player base due low numbers, high cost of equipment and facilities. The skate eliminates these issues by being high adaptable.

One For All


The Skate Soccer business model breaks down the barrier of high cost para-sports by providing a single fully adaptable Skate that is shareable between all body and ability types. Rather than equipment custom made to singular individuals the Skate fully adapts in minutes to hold anyone, with a physical disability or not. This creates an explosion in Skate Soccer leagues by vastly reducing cost with teams sharing the same Skates over and over.


Skate Sizing And Fitting



Adjusting the skate to any body type is easy, but the first time takes the longest. Called the "fitting" the user will adjust the Skate 1.0 until it suits them perfectly, after which they will use the measurement indicators to record the setup for all future uses.


Movement ANd USe



The Skate is designed to be extremely easy to use. Done solely with the upper body, every movement and ball control achieved with the arms and torso. 



Shift weight to the desired side


Lean forward to apply brake

Ball Control

Control and move the ball with the side or back of the hand





My first time using the Skate 1.0 illustrates how instinctively easy it is to operate the skate.


Outside the Sport



Skate 1.0's potential far exceeds that of skate soccer, by bringing its high maneuverability, speed, and immense fun to everyday transportation for those physically disabilities and without. Check out the video.


Ideation & Prototyping



Before getting to the final working product came hundreds of sketches and tens of prototypes from basic cardboard mechanisms to robust strapping patterns and buckets.


Development Testing



Countless head to head performance matches between old and new prototypes helped to provide the most adaptable and highest performance Skate.  Click to watch a user testing session.


User Testing:

Size and Adjustment Range 



Adapting to the majority of body sizes, shapes and physical capabilities requires a vast amount of user testing to achieve. The custom apparatus shown here was designed to measure every aspect of the lower body for the Skate to adjust for and accommodate. 


The Prototype



The Skates design was centered around utmost functionality and the ability to take a beating.  Taking advantage of my long history with prototyping methods I built the model utilizing as many manufacturing production processes as possible to create a fully working Skate.


Conceptualization Sketching


Examples of sketches aimed at developing systems, identify areas of concern, solving mechanical issues, styling and more.